Get Your Wheels The Shine They Deserve

Get Your Wheels The Shine They Deserve

When we opt for detailing work for our vehicles we often ignore the wheels. However, for an overall improved and updated look for your vehicle, there are several detailing works that can give your wheels a renewed look and appearance. One such method is powder coating on wheels. 

Preparing the wheels

This is a method that helps to free your wheels of old finish debris and dirt. Hence, before powder coating is done to make your wheels look as good as new these are first sand blasted or similar methods used to clear the old finishes and dirt that accumulates on such surfaces. Once the wheels are cleaned and ready, then the powder coating method is applied. In certain cases a wax and grease remover is used to take off the old finishes, dirt and grit that come on the wheels. This helps to clean the wheel surfaces thoroughly. Preparing the wheels is necessary to ensure that the coating application is smooth and even. Similar steps are followed for car protection film layering as well.

Powder coating on wheels

This is a finishing technique that adds a durable finish to your wheels. The finishing leads to removal of paint, rust and chrome plating that might have been applied before. Often this method is resorted to when the older plating and paint comes off the wheels. Hence powder coating is akin to car paint protection. Often, in cases of chrome wheels, a glass like finish is applied to the wheels which lead to a translucent effect. For such operations to be successful the wheels need to be of aluminum or bare steel.The process involves curing of the powder coating which leads to the translucent and glass like finish. When the products are covered with the powder substance, the wheels are then placed in an oven like space to allow the coating to be baked and settle evenly on the surfaces. This makes the wheels resistant to chipping or scratches.

Quality services for your wheels

Indeed, powder coating finish can make your wheels shine and complement a detailing work done on your car’s body. Many car detailing packages include such finishes or similar effects for your car’s wheels; it is advisable that you take up such packages to give your car a complete makeover. The result is a car which shines as good as new and has renewed resistance towards the body and wheel scratches that can happen while driving. Such services should be resorted to from time to time besides the usual maintenance and servicing of your vehicle.

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