Guide To Renting A Car

Guide To Renting A Car

When renting a car in another country, you are always at risk of being taken advantage of. This guide will ensure that you are not taken for a ride. Do you have questions about rental car excess insurance? Do you want to know when is the best time to rent a car? Or are you worried about potential pitfalls and hidden costs while travelling abroad? The rental car tips listed below will put Australians firmly in control of renting a car.

Before you land, rent a car.

This tip is for anyone who plans to fly into a location and then rent a car to get around while on vacation. Renting a car from an airport terminal upsurge the probability of long lines and higher prices. Renting a car ahead of time, on the other hand, allows you to choose from a larger selection of vehicles while saving money and headaches because you’ll know exactly what’s waiting for you when the plane touches down.

Do your homework.

  • It pays to be thorough when researching deals.
  • Make sure to compare prices between companies and between different types of vehicles. Be aware that smaller cars (think “compact” or “economy”) tend to be less expensive and have better fuel efficiency, allowing you to save even more money.
  • Check to see if the rental company offers reductions to AAA members or frequent flyer programmes. There are plenty of places in Australia that offer rental services. Gold Coast, for instance, is known for having lots of rental companies. By going online and typing in “rent a car gold coast” you can find a match.
  • Cross-check your rental car decisions to avoid renting a recalled vehicle model.
  • Read up on your rights and responsibilities as a renter so you can fight any unfair charges.
  • Consider all taxes, fees and other service charges that you may be required to pay, such as early or late return fees, airport surcharges, mileage fees, fuel charges, roadside assistance charges

for driving out of state, equipment rental fees, drop-off fees, and additional driver fees.

Because some car rental companies do not always include these costs in the advertised price, read the fine print before signing any contracts.

 Understand your (age) limitations.

When it comes to age restrictions, rental car policies differ from country to country, state to state, and even branch to branch within the same company. While many organizations will permit people under the age of 25 to rent (contrary to general belief), they will almost certainly charge a premium for the privilege. The best way to find out if you’re eligible is to call the specific agency location where you want to rent. For instance, if you are landing in Brisbane, search for a car rental in Brisbane.

Be wary of rental car excess insurance

Rental car excess insurance is one of the most common issues that travellers encounter when renting a car in Australia. If you want to keep your excess below $1000, you may have to pay an extra $40 per day on top of the rental price. What appeared to be a good deal at first quickly turns out to be a bad one. Getting independent rental car excess coverage insurance is the best way to avoid this. This could save you up to half the cost of purchasing insurance at the rental desk. If you are in amishap, you may be required to pay the car rental business for any compensations as well as administrative fees. However, you can request a refund from your chosen insurer.For more information, please visit

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