Making Your Motorbike To Last Longer

Making Your Motorbike To Last Longer

Motorcycles are usually made in a very systematic and hardy way. They are always (should we say, in most cases) made better than ever.

Motorbike tuning hoppers crossing is essential for good performance of your bike. These days, there are models that come out come out with good quality material and materials. Even, the tuning part is getting precise and accurate. Motorbike tuning is quite an important factor when you want fuel efficiency and performance of your bike to boost. If you want your motorbike to last longer and provide you with best level of performance, following the tips mentioned below would come in quite handy:For longevity of your bike make sure that it is properly stored. You need to keep it well maintained and do not ride it in a harsh way! Wax and get it cleaned often. Make sure that it is parked in a cool and dry place and not under scorching heat or pouring rain. Always make use of the bike’s cover and if you find a roof, it is best for you to park it there.

Break it in the right way

The very first few thousand miles that you take tend to be the most imperative miles for the bike. Hence for longevity, ensure that you ride smoothly. Treat it the way it should be treated. The guidelines for break-in must be carefully read and followed. After completing 600 miles, you should get it serviced. Go here  for more information about motorcycle performance tuning.


As per the bikes’ model, the wheel bearings, steering-head bearings, suspension linkages and swingarm should get lubed. Also, the other cables and controls present should be lubed. With your hand, get the bearings turned to the right spot. Ensure that you check at the right points, its looseness and binding. Get the wheel bearings inspected and checked properly. This should be done, one in every year. Try not to use a pressure washer as this will help to steer away from water. Also, the fork oil should be checked. You should get it changed as and when required.

Final Drive

You will need to keep a check on the sprocket wear, tension, belt cracking and monitor chain depending on the kind of final drive you possess. The chain should be cleaned, well lubed and adjusted the right way. When chain gets old, in most cases, even sprockets need to get changed. Hence, get both of them replaced. A lot of engine cases will get released once the chain breaks. Hence, this must at all cost should not get ignored. Shaft-drive bikes come with enclosed final drive. Thus, make sure that its oil is checked frequently and altered as per the bikes maintenance requirements.


Usually, the transmission and primary chain cases of your bike need different oil supplies. Hence, get its level checked and lubricant must also be changed. Ensure that the primary chain is adjusted.

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